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"Best massage ever! I have gone to a couple other places and thought they were relaxing but felt I had other things I could be doing. Sheryl really knew how to work the muscles and knew what she was doing. I had a totally different experience that I wanted to share, if you were ever unsure about getting a massage. I asked my family that day for gift cards for A Sense of Balance if they needed ideas for birthdays or holidays. Thanks Sheryl!"

~Robin J.

"Sheryl is awesome! I cant wait to go back and get another massage.  The best around !!!!"

~ Sheila G.

"Sheryl does great work with her massage therapy, offering relaxing, therapeutic  and deep tissue services for realigning the muscle fibers and connective tissue, as well as flushing away the toxins in our bodies.  I've known, and have been going to, Sheryl for about 10 years.  Being an endurance athlete, massage therapy is a necessity. With the physical exertion required to compete in both triathlons and marathons, massage is important to me for reducing fatigue, relieving muscle swelling and tension, reducing muscle stiffness and improving relaxation by reducing heart rate and blood pressure, so that I can perform my best performance in competitions.  I highly recommend her. She is a wonderful lady who is very passionate about her work."
~ David C.

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