Wellness Massage

Feeling a bit stressed?  Dealing with a sore neck, back, or shoulders?  Are you an athlete, or weekend warrior, whose muscles need some attention?  Wellness Massage is for You!  This tailored massage, using Swedish massage as a foundation, incorporates various forms of bodywork , including neuromuscular and deep tissue massage, trigger points, lymphatic work, and other modalities, as needed, to promote overall body health and wellness, as well as relaxation and stress management.


Wellness Massage Fees:

·               30 Minutes - $45  

·               60 Minutes - $80

·               90 Minutes - $110

Expectant Mom's Massage

An aching back, hips, shoulders, and legs, can accompany that "something wonderful" on the way!  The Expectant Mom's Massage is a great way to ease those discomforts in the last months of pregnancy.  It is performed with Mom-To-Be lying on her side in a comfortable position, supported by pillows. 


Expectant Mom's Massage Fee:  60 minutes  - $80

Hot Stone Massage

Looking for an experience that brings warmth and is deeply relaxing?  Maybe something that conjures up the feeling of  "melting butter" (as my son puts it)?  A Hot Stone Massage can provide you with a place to unplug from the daily grind and recharge yourself.  Using stones that have been harvested from the shores of Point Judith, Rhode Island, the benefits of this massage include not only relaxation but gentle detoxification as well.  


Hot Stone Massage Fee:  90 Minutes - $120

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